Tower Inspection

      Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. (CTTI) has performed tower inspections throughout the United States. We take great pride in doing our work thoroughly, and our understanding of cooling towers assist us in performing quality inspections.
      CTTI can provide a thorough inspection of any crossflow or counterflow cooling tower consisting of inspecting the mechanical equipment, fan deck, hot water deck, structure, handrails, fill, drift eliminators, louvers and casing, distribution system, plenum area, and stairway. CTTI will follow up with a written report that will outline the areas inspected, the repairs that may be needed for a safe and continued operation of the cooling tower, as well as areas that do not require immediate attention.


      A cooling tower is subjected to one of the most extreme operating conditions of equipment in use today. Recognition of this fact emphasizes the need for regular, periodic cooling tower inspections and maintenance schedules.  Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. is capable of diagnosing and correcting all cooling tower problems on a variety of cooling towers including Wood, Fiberglass, or Concrete Towers; Counterflow or Crossflow design. Our Preventative Maintenance Program includes Inspections and Repairs to the
following components: Gear Reducers, Motors, Drive Shafts, Alignments, Fans, Fan Blade Pitch, Fan Stacks, Hot Water Basins, and Distribution Systems. We also troubleshoot for any specific problems and offer Service Contracts that can be scheduled at the Clients convenience.

      Quality products and years of experience go into every tower Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. builds from the ground up. We can Design, Engineer, Supply, Fabricate, and Erect a cooling tower that is designed to fit your cooling needs. Turn-Key Projects or partial supply are no problem. Our experience, location, and top of the line fabrication machinery give CTTI the competitive advantage.

New Tower Construction
& Tower Replacement
Thermal Upgrading

      The most important factor in evaluating performance is the proper proportioning of air and water. All components should be designed for maximum air movement through the fill area at the lowest horsepower requirement. CTTI can evaluate your tower on a total system approach that assures you all the parts work together for the greatest total performance.
      Upgrading a tower to reach its greatest performance potential can be influenced by several factors: the present tower must be able to carry the increased load; the structure of the present tower must be acceptable; the dimensions of the present tower must be proportionate to the increased load; and the cost of a thermal upgrade should be less than building a new tower.
      CTTI is constantly trying to make improvements to increase your thermal capacity. We understand that cooler water can translate into money for your company. CTTI is always looking for a competitive edge in order to better meet your needs. One example, of this dedication is our patented Stur-D-Span Splash Fill. Please contact CTTI to find out more.

Repair & Emergencies

      CTTI has a long record of responding to any disaster; natural, fire, explosions, etc. We are committed to getting you up and running in the fastest time possible. We are able to respond to your disaster with the appropriate equipment and supplies within such a quick time frame because of our advantageous location, flexible management, and our fabrication capabilities. We also work to maintain a complete inventory of cooling tower parts at our facility. Cooling Tower Technologies, Inc. repairs all makes, manufactures, and styles of cooling towers: wood, fiberglass, concrete, and steel; either crossflow or counterflow designs. We take great pride in supplying top-quality material that strictly adheres to the latest Cooling Tower Institute’s Standards. Quality material, and years of experience, go into every job regardless of its size. CTTI understands your needs and we can repair your towers with minimum down time. We take great pride in solving your cooling tower problems.